With its innovative hardware and full suite of OB applications, the G55 delivers clear and detailed 2D and 3D images of the highest quality. Optimized for women’s healthcare and fetal imaging.
Streamlined for Busy Practices
The G55’s powerful Auto Image Optimization tool automatically optimizes brightness and contrast with one touch of a button—without adding additional time to the exam. It saves time on scans by enabling fast data acquisition and post-exam image processing in both B and 3D modes.
Niche View
Orthogonal planes centered on a point provides a cut-open perception of 3D VOI. Quite useful to observe the interior view of a tumor or any structure in different planes displaying the anatomical relationship. A tumor or any structure in different planes displaying the anatomical relationship
Multiline Free View 
With Free View, you can obtain any plane from a 3D structure simply by drawing a line or curve through that object. This powerful tool enables you to view even irregularly shaped structures that can’t be captured in 2D imaging. Now display up to 3 Free View images simultaneously.
Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging (VCI) with Free View
Advanced VCI adjusts slice thickness in 3D and 4D images to enhance contrast resolution in renderings like skeletal and tissue imaging. VCI can be applied to any 3D or 4D volume and functions seamlessly in Free View.
Auto Follicle
Automatically calculate the number of follicles and the volume
Auto NT


For configuration details, please contact your local distributor sales.

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