It offers optimized performance and a compact design with flexible configurations to fit a wide range of clinical settings and applications. Mobile, intuitive, and versatile - perfect for tight budget and limited working space.


Enhanced Imaging Technologies
VFusion: Improves the image information, enhances contrast resolution and reduces the noises.
VSpeckle: Enhances contrast and reduces speckle, haze and other artifacts
Simple UI and Faster Exams
  • Custom settings to suit your needs and style
  • One-touch image optimization
  • Auto measurement (Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto Doppler Trace)
  • Operational functions at your fingertips
One-touch application selection
Powerful Functions
  • Triplex mode
  • Auto Optimization
  • Easy Compare
  • Full Screen
  • Pview
  • Needle Enhancement
  • Auto measurement (Auto IMT/ Auto NT / Auto PW/ CW trace)

In the present day, I examine the patients with a VINNO E10 ultrasound system. Why VINNO E10? Firstly, for the VINNO E10 of the gray scale image, then for the performance of the Doppler mode and for the great number of tools that help me ease the diagnostic process of the patient. The VINNO E10 has a great advantage during examination, because by this mode the tissue details and tumors are easy to detect.


I am deeply impressed by the price/quality ratio of the VINNO ultrasound machines, and even more by the proficiency in work shown by Numeris Medical and VINNO. ”

Doctor in Medical Science
General Ecography Competency
Fundeni Clinical Institute

For configuration details, please contact your local distributor sales.

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