The 2019 CMEF: Vinno - Paying Homage to the Future with Go-Getters
June 06-2019

On May 14th, the Smartly Reconstructing the Future themed 81st annual China International Medical Equipment Fair was held on schedule. Vinno arrived with new heavyweight ultrasound products, performing a smart and innovative sonata.



New Products’ First Show, Headliner Innovation

At the core region of the Vinno booth, the new product army group became the focal point of the entire venue,  


 Vinno’s New Product Army Group, Resplendently Strikes a Pose


Multiple products gather together cutting edge applications, are committed to realizing the detection of a tiny focus of infection and the precise diagnosis and treatment of severe illnesses, providing smarter and safer health services, and advancing clinical research and development in an accelerated manner. Have a look at the elegant appearance of the new products:



Gathering together cutting edge imaging, Smart technology at your fingertips

Smart and Successful

Sharp and Avant-garde  




Powerful data processing manifests an extraordinary visual world

Inheriting the Classics

Top Notch Imaging




Advanced clinical applications bring a choice of specialty to fruition

All-round Applications

Headliner Innovation




Micro magnetic guidance provides safe passage for precision medicine

Finely Tuned and Dexterous

Agile Performance



 Hand Held Ultrasound, Controlling the Future


What attracted and stopped many people in their tracks on the graphic booth was also Vinno’s hand held ultrasound, which struck a pose at the exhibition for the first time. Its external appearance was exquisitely delicate and inner core was downright powerful.



Vinno’s Hand Held Ultrasound Attracted Many People’s Admiration and Test Trials


Highly integrated independently innovated technology enables Vinno’s hand held technology to be a prodigy in the fields of imaging and diagnostic and treatment applications. Vinno’s hand held ultrasound puts smart technology at your fingertips with health in your control.



 International friends test try Vinno’s hand held ultrasound and offer high praise 


 Remote Ultrasound, Boundless Concern


How to solve medical resource distribution inequality and cross regional diagnostic difficulties and pain points?  The FLYINSONO APP provided a path for resolution at this year’s CMEF exhibition. Remote real time doctor consultation enables specialists from over a thousand of kilometers away to provide professional guidance that is seemingly near at hand. Complemented with the ultrasound magic box, the FLYINSONO APP can collect ultrasound equipment data across brands and store it in the cloud. Worry free remote consultation, Boundless concern.   


Vinnos FLYINSONO APP Ultrasound Solutions and Ultrasound Magic Box


A Splendid Moment at the Event





 Vinno’s Marketing Director Wei Lai is interviewed by the media 


 Vinno’s Team of Super Heroes


Paying homage to the future with go-getters. Vinno will continue to do its utmost to unlock ever more unknown fields. For more splendid content, please continue to follow Vinno’s booth. We’ll be waiting for you at 2B13 Pavilion  No.2!




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