An Encounter with Madrid|An Image Report from a Fairy Tale World
June 06-2019

Spain’s capital of Madrid is a city that comes with its own filter. Resplendent museums, theaters, and music halls radiate out a dense artistic and cultural ethos.


 Madrid’s Plaza de Cibeles 


Recently, the 2019 Spain International Pet Industry Expo (IBERZOO + PROPET) was successfully held in the Madrid Convention Center. As one of the exhibitors, Vinno brought along a series of animal use imaging products and solutions to light up the exhibition, and garnered the attention of the entire venue.


 Spain’s Madrid Convention Center


Different from the rigorous scientific environments of past medical exhibitions, the venue of IBERZOO+PROPET exuded an air of cuteness. Posters of cute pets could be seen throughout, seemingly situating people in an amusement park for pets.  



The Exhibit Halls Exuded an Atmosphere of Cuteness


On the day of the exhibit there were ceaseless surprises at Vinno’s booth. AMVAC Chairman José Ramon Escribano, who focuses on improving pet health with innovative products and services, was present at and viewed Vinnos booth. The local Spanish TV station also captured this rare moment, presenting a splendid report of Vinno’s participation at the 2019 IBERZOO+PROPET.

Host: In Spain, one person in four has a dog . Dogs occupy an important position in the lives of many people.


 Chairman José Ramon Escribano is interviewed at the Vinno Booth


While being interviewed by the media, José Ramon Escribano shared the new explorations and discoveries in clinical practice as well as in academic R&D fields with Vinno ultrasound as a technical platform. He said that checking the state of  dog’s body via ultrasound, prejudging illnesses on the basis of ultrasound images, and initiating targeted diagnosis and treatment can extend the life of a dog by six months.


In the wake of improvements in veterinary medicine, Vinno has continually expanded the fields of application of ultrasound technology, many animal-use ultrasound device models gather together advanced imaging technology and exquisite design and complement them with a simple work procedure to bring forth excellent clinical applications.




 Employees display Vinno Ultrasound’s Clinical Applications On Site


Vinno’s pet ultrasound exclusive canine heart ultrasound’s aided diagnosis and abundant variety of probes bring out the best in each other. The built-in remote teaching and remote diagnosis functions simultaneously improve diagnostic efficiency and also greatly expand arenas of application.




Possessing insight into clinical needs, exploring cutting edge technology. Vinno ultrasound applications and smart medicine safeguards every unique living being with innovative technology.



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