Vinno Ultrasound Cross Boundary Wine? What magical spell can this be?
March 07-2019

Creating a global brand, expanding an international map, Vinno’s forward moving footsteps have never ceased. Recently, international partners have also embarked on a new march, heading to various places around to world to launch a totally new journey participating in exhibits. In this trip we traversed the eastern and western hemispheres, respectively exhibiting the power of “Made with Wisdom” in Mexico and Japan’s Osaka.

Mexico International Radiology and Imaging Exhibition

Recently, the LIII International Course of Radiology and Imaging exhibition convened in Mexico. This year’s exhibition focused on the fields of radiology and medical imaging, gathering together quite a number of influential radiology and imaging technology big wigs to exchange and share the cutting edge technology and the newest dynamics of the industry.

Vinno displayed overall clinical imaging solutions. Medical colleagues from around the world all came to Vinno’s exhibit to initiate exchange, and offered a high appraisal of the independent research and development and design and innovation achievements that Vinno has obtained.


Medical colleagues from around the world all came to Vinno’s exhibit to initiate exchange

A local Mexican agent said: Vinno ultrasound’s outstanding imaging, customized functions along with the professional guidance of applied physicians has brought high quality diagnosis and treatment services to the broad mass of patients and satisfied the diversified diagnosis and treatment needs of clients. It can be described in one word, namely “trustworthy”.

An Easter Egg

Vinno is selling wine? This isn’t a joke! In Spanish Vino and Vinno have the same pronunciation, and Vino also means wine. Our excellent agent is currently preparing to launch the jointly named Ocean Medic x Vinno wine. It truly is an ideal combination that is ingeniously creative.

Crossing boundaries in a manner so imbued with creativity, want to drink a glass? Vinno would like to remind you that though Vino is good, drink in moderation.

Now back to business. Next let’s continue exploring the exhibit. Arriving up ahead: Japan’s Osaka.

Osaka’s Medical Japan Exhibition

In the eastern hemisphere, the fifth annual Osaka Medical Japan Exhibition was launched as scheduled. As Asia’s leading medical exhibition the total area of this year’s Osaka Medical Japan Exhibition exceeds 35 thousand square meters and has a total of 790 companies from thirty countries from around the world participating.

In the Medical Japan Exhibition, Vinno displayed machine models including the desktop, portable, and special use animal models, revealing the innovation and diversity of Vinno’s products, and garnering the attention of the entire venue.

The Vinno Booth

Vinno ultrasound’s remarkable and clever exterior design earned ceaseless positive approval at the exhibition. After initiating actual use and experience of Vinno ultrasound products, the high quality imaging and handy operation also left participants full of praise.


As the new face to make its first appearance, in a country such as Japan brimming with the spirit of artisans and which stresses design details, Vinno’s ultrasound equipment attracted the camera lens of the sponsor, and became a photographic focal point, displaying the innovative brilliance of a national brand.


The sponsor of the exhibition taking photographs at Vinno’s booth

The splendid journey still continues. Vinno will launch domestic and international technology exchanges and collaborations in a more in-depth manner, quicken the development of currently existing market products, and advance research into forward-looking technology. We look forward to launching ever more outstanding products and services on ever more international stages in the future, enabling innovative medical treatment to benefit every corner of the world.

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