June 24-2018
A Campaign to Dubai| An Old General? A New Recruit? A 32 year German Specialist Cheers on Vinno

Many people set out on homeward journeys on the second day of Spring Festival travel. At this time, Vinno’s partners are headed in the opposite direction, and launching the first stop of the new year overseas expedition: Arab Health 2018.

What are the highlights of the Overall Clinical Imaging Solutions that Vinno is displaying this year.


Six World Best Selling Products



World Leading High-end Color Doppler Technology


The RF Metadata Platform  Real Data Restoration

The 23MHz High Frequency Probe  Exquisite Image Presentation

Micro-magnetic Guidance “V-Guide” Improved Precision

High Efficiency Touch Screen Work Flow Optimized User Experience

A High Quality Cloud Diagnosis Platform  Optimized Team Coordination



Cheered on by a Senior German Specialist

We saw a new face among the crowds of people: Kurz, a new member of the Vinno team this year and a German ultrasound specialist who has been in the industry for 32 years, is now one of Vinno’s Application Specialists.



“ I am happy to be able to represent Vinno in participating in the the largest scale international medical exhibition in the Middle East. The past few days have been both busy and delightful. I have personally experienced the anticipation and recognition that the market has for Vinno.”



 When discussing his initial reasons for joining Vinno, Kurz said: “Vinno’s design, image quality, and operation experience are all great. I have seen this brand’s enormous potential, and am willing to become a member of this specialized team, and share my experience with international clients.”

A customer who experienced the event live stated that Kurz offered detailed explanations, and quickly made him keenly aware of Vinno’s professionalism and refinement. He couldn’t help but exclaim that: “Chinese brands are becoming ever more internationalized. You are creating the future!”



With the support of a senior specialist, new and old agents alike have been greatly invigorated. We are confident that in the new year Vinno will march toward an ever more expansive overseas market, and bring the power of Made with Wisdom to international doctors and patients!


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