November 12-2022
Reunion to Meet the Great Launch of the Innovations Together

VINNO’s 2022 Global Product Launch Event was held on at 12th November, Maritim hotel Cologne with more than half of global dealers joining in this grand meeting together.

Three new products were grandly unveiled, including VINNO’s latest flagship ultrasound - Ultimus 9E, powered by MUSE platform, the premium portable ultrasound - VINNO 10 and new cart-based ultrasound with upgraded platform - R700.

Alongside with the live demo in models and a pregnant women on site, participants had a very close opportunity to experience the Ultimus 9E, and they were quite impressed by the image quality of it, both in 2D and 3D, as well as flow sensitivity, gynecology features and new AI detection and diagnostic functions. 

During the gala dinner, Peter Xi, president of VINNO, shared the next-two-year release plan of products, which built strong confidence for everyone present. Also representatives form VINNO Spain, Fyzzio (The Netherlands), OceanMedic (Mexico) and SC MEDICAL (Brazil) reviewed their marketing strategies and future plans. 

Just as one partner said: “We’re glad to see the amazing developments at your company”. We feel so proud that this successful new product launch event was a prove of VINNO’s continuous effort in R&D and growth in marketing. We believe under the joint effort and shared vision with our global partners, we can make VINNO brand a step further!




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