January 14-2020
A Perfect End Game| Vinno’s emphatic presence on the banks of the Rhine River comes up with all the answers once again.

Q1. VINNO is growing fast in Europe. Would you tell us about your Company and Product?

Q2. How could you grow fast and how did you achieve that in Europe?

Q3. How do you see your Company and technology development taking you in future?

Medica’s official media photographs Vinno’s booth


Above are the three questions Medica’s official media asked Vinno this year. Competing in the same arena with over 4600 companies from over 70 countries and regions worldwide, how did Vinno break out of the intensely competitive world of world medical equipment? As the “Chinese name card” at the exhibition, Vinno delivered a brand new sheet of right answers at this year’s gala event. 


Begin with Beauty, Remain Loyal to Quality 

This year’s Vinno’s booth was simple yet elegant, metaphorically drawing a parallel to the simplistic design, and yet powerful performance of its products , focused on the products, exuded an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity, and attracted visitors from different countries and regions. 




Visitors who were seeing Vinno’s products for the first time all gave the same uniform feedback: your products look so elegant and unique. After carefully inquiring about and experiencing the devices, they all marveled at Vinno’s outstanding quality. 



“Such a stunning design of the product, with a high performance level of imaging quality has made me realize, that an ultrasound equipment can also be this close to perfection.”



A Global Discussion, Exploring the Future Together

In this year’s Medica exhibition, the Vinno M86, the Vinno A series, and the Vinno Q series made their grand debut, across various diagnostic modes such as gynecology, cardiology, and orthopedics, and displayed Vinno’s newest accomplishments in the field of ultrasound.

Every year at the Medica exhibit, channel partners, from around the world gather together in one place and initiate an exchange that revolves around the newest ultrasound imaging technology with industry colleagues from around the world. 



“Whether it is the launching of new products or the optimization and upgrading of classic products, we all feel that everything of Vinno’s focus is on the user.”



“The external appearance of the products looks ever more beautiful. There has also been a great improvement in its convenience. It’ll give doctors more confidence in making decisions for diagnoses and treatment.”



“We are very glad to see Vinno’s family of products are continually getting stronger. Vinno has always surpassed expectations, and has surprised one and all through its innovation.”


Passion Ignites the Flames of Innovation

During the exhibit, Professor Kotliar from FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences specially brought along his graduates to get an in-depth understanding of Vinno’s development history. 


Professor Kotliar led his students on a tour of the Vinno booth.


This group of passionate medical engineering students attentively listened to the application scenarios for ultrasound, observed an ultrasound scan, and asked all kinds of interesting questions. That curiosity-driven passion let us experience  sheer positivity, that new students exude. Vinno has always also relied on this indefatigable obsession to shine atop the international stage. 


The students observe an ultrasound scan


The Vinno team at Medica


This year’s journey to Medica has successfully come to an end. In the future, Vinno will continue to do innovative research and development, and strive to provide better quality and more unique medical services to the world with more innovative products. 

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