June 24-2018
Come to CMEF and learn about Vinno Ultrasound’s Grand 2018 Layout

The 79th annual CMEF Exhibit opened its curtains at the Shanghai National Conference and Exhibition Center. In the past few years domestic companies in the medical equipment market have grown rapidly. What highlights did Vinno, the national high end color Doppler ultrasound brand, bring? 


The RF Metadata Platform


0.4 GB of data stored in each frame and 0.8 GB of bulk data transfer sent each second retains metadata in full to acquire super definition images.


New Ultrasound Products: V8/M80/X2





V8 and M80 are equipped with the brand new femtometer platform, comprehensively improving diagnostic efficiency. The X2 has become a top choice in basic health care with its exquisite and skillful functions.


Special Clinical Applications



The clinical applications that Vinno uniquely has, including V-Guide, HSG, and 3D/4D functions, have attracted the gazes of a large number of buyers.


Remote Diagnoses and Quality Control



Supports expert consultation and ultrasound instruction on PCs and mobile phones. Sound and image are synchronized. Signals are continuous and do not freeze. Provides an overall solution for tiered diagnosis and treatment. 


Scanning Training Services



 Provides a complete solution for tiered diagnosis and treatment via scanning technician training, remote diagnoses and quality control, and smart remote diagnoses.

Ultrasound Experts and Cooperation Partners





 Famous ultrasound experts and overseas cooperation partners arrive on site to probe into where Vinno is headed in terms of innovation in 2018.


As you can see Vinno has put into place a brand new layout, seized onto the improvement of product functions, tiered diagnosis and treatment, cooperation partners, and brand image, and continues to lead development in the industry with the strength of its ultrasound technology. However, this is just the beginning. What other innovations does Vinno have for 2018?









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