The VINNO 6 delivers clear images and precise measurements in a compact, ultra-portable form. This lightweight system can be carried around with ease or attached to a mobile cart equipped with a multi-probe connection. A wide range of advanced connectivity options, including PACS, modality worklist, DICOM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and VINNO's remote solutions platform, streamline workflow, increase efficiency, and help to manage busy workload. The perfect solution for emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pain management, critical care, musculoskeletal exams, and all your other imagining needs.


When every second counts, you need an ultrasound tool you can depend on. The VINNO 6 is a versatile, ultra-portable imaging system that delivers fast, accurate results at patient’s bedsides, in the ICU, and wherever else your practice calls you.
MSK Applications
  • Simple to Learn
    Intuitive touch panel operation and built-in user manual tutorial
  • Precise Imaging
    2-23 MHz frequency range provides clear images of superficial tissue, deep tissue
  • Easy Compare
    Before and after exam comparison with Easy Compare function
  • Accurate Biopsy Guidance
    Needle enhancement function makes it easier to see the needle and its tip
VGuide Needle Enhancement
The VINNO 6’s needle enhancement technology provides a clearer image of the needle and removes distortion for more accurate punctures and guided biopsies.
VINNO’s unique VGuide technology is designed to make it easier for the needle to reach its target. Whether performing a biopsy or administering an anesthetic, the target aliment ensures function ensures precise positioning and removes the guesswork from punctures. It ensures simple and accurate procedures.
Goes wherever you go
Application specific preset, a wide selection of transducers, and a comprehensive range of measurements make the VINNO 6 a remarkably versatile instrument that can meet all clinical needs.
General Imaging
General abdominal OB/GYN Small parts Vascular
Wide range of Cardio-vascular applications for increased diagnostic confidence.
a. Excellent 2D image and Doppler performance
b. Stress Echo
c. Strain imaging
d. Tissue Doppler imaging
e. Pulse Wave Velocity