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VINNO D5-VET is a highy integrated smart 5q ution with cutting edge structure des sned to provide the portablity required by veterinary professionals in various scenes. It built on the revolutionary RF platform, to de wer abundant information and highy acurate imges. t pronides uers with conven ent and quick access to outstanding images, as we as profess ona scanning and anahs.
Thanks to the proce sing agorithms developed ona large amount of RF data, it pronides images with uditra-hish c∞ontrast and reso utian. The P afform akso supports the neat-generation digital broadband up to 25MHz and high-resolution bea mformers, proniding ercelent procesing performance witha high chanel density.

Revolutionary Platform

The VINNO D5 VET Series is built on an innovative and simplfed data platform that combines the traditional beamforming integr ation with front-end data processing. This innovative wor kflow enables convenient and institutive operations, making it an ideal choice for various scenarios.

VINNO's Revolutionary RF Ultrasound Platform

Superior Image Performance

Speckle noise reduction (VSpeckle)

Based on the RF metadata platform, it integrates the detection data obtained by the system to produce superior images with higher contrast and clear boundaries.

Fusion ima ging (VFusion)

Sound beams are emitted from different dir ections, and reflected sound beams are matched through powerful processing capbllites to produce images with high signal-to-noise ratio on the display.

A Cost-Effective Choice with High Performance

15.6-inch wide-angle LCD display panel


Wide viewing angle of up to 150 degrees


8-inch high-sensitivity touch screen that can be operated while wearing sterile gloves


One can be expanded to three


Professional and sea mless workflow with built-in soft keyboard and external keyboard, ma king user input much easier


Reasonable and convenient keyboard layout, support more smooth opea tion

Outfitted with a dedicated and highly portable trolley

facilitates device switching,supporting up to 3 probe connections.

Support more probes avaliable

Probe information


Broadband Curved Array

Applications - Abdomen, Repro, Ovary



Broadband Linear Array

Applications - Abdomen, Tendon, Small Parts, Eyes



Broadband Curved Array

Applications - Abdomen, Repro, Ovary



Phased Array

Applications - Cardiac



Broadband Micro Convex Array

Applications - Abdomen, Cardiac



Broadband Linear Array

Applications - Repro



Phased Array

Applications - Cardiac



Phased Array

Applications - Cardiac



Phased Array

Applications - Cardiac

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FLYINSONO Remote Solution

VINNO enables remote consultations, remote teaching, and remote maintenance on a cloud platform, provides users with an eficient way to obtain more services.

Real-time consultation

Time-sharing consultation

Remote training

Remote maintenance