Due to powerful 4D function, Sensitive waves and color Doppler performance,
X2 is sufficient to fulfill verstile clinical application. Its ergonomicsand
Remarkable performance
Intelligent Workflow
Ergonomic Design
Remarkable Performance
Outstanding B mode image quality with advanced
image technology
VFusion VSpeckle Pulse Intersion Harmonic
Sensitive color Doppler due to RF-Flow technology
Based on VINNO’s innovation
RF platform, RF-Flow is very sensitive to blood flow with slow velocity or in deep vessel
Powerful 4D imaging technology with exended
application tools optional
Intelligent Workflow
Intuitive touch panel operation
Multiple functions can be easily accessed with your fingers
Easy patient data management
Raw data post process

Image Optimization Measurement Analysis
Auto IMT
Automatically measures Intima-Media Thickness in interest area and provides the
measurement result in easy, fast and accurate approach
Ergonomic Design
Its ergonomic design makes your daily work more
comfortable and highly efficient.
Demo Display