VINNO M86 is a powerful high-precision ultrasound system designed specifically for women’s health. VINNO’s revolutionary RF platform delivers extraordinary life-like images, while its full suite of clinical applications provides the best quality of care for women at every stage of life.
Dedicated To Women’s Health
Pelvic Floor Imaging

Pelvic Imaging with volumetric transvaginal probe

Complete pelvic function analysis via vivid 2D and 3D dynamic imaging.
Professional pelvic measurement package helps you to make decision in confident way.
IVF Application
4D Oviduct Contrast Imaging
Vivid surface rendering and accurate precise volume calculations provide a complete picture of fallopian tubes.
Auto Follicle (2D&3D)
Automatically calculate the number of follicles present and measure the volume of each one.
Obstetric Application
Auto OB Measurement.
Automated measurements for easier anatomical assessment
Recognize standard image planes and structures,
including nuchal translucency, fetal brain and fetal long bones, for faster exams
Correlation Imaging(STIC)
Spatio‐temporal image correlation (STIC) is an easy to use technique to acquire data from the fetal heart and to aid in visualization with both two‐dimensional and three‐dimensional (3D) cine sequences. The examiner can navigate within the heart, re‐slice, and produce all of the standard image planes necessary for a comprehensive diagnosis.
HQ Technology
HQ technology displays high resolution 3D anatomy with exceptional detail and realistic depth perception. User determines the direction of a simulated light source, significantly enhancing clarity of surface detail and tissue parenchyma.
Premier Applications For Breast
Xcen Probe Technology
wideband high frequency probe 52mm footprint, 256 elements high density
U5-15LE probe is dedicated for women’s breast application
Elastography Imaging
Designed for Your Needs
21.5 inch LCD screen for wider field of view
integrated gel warmer for patient’s comfort
care hook for better cable management
Affordless,electronic,control panel adjustment
standard five transducer ports for various applications