VINNO’s solutions for Ultrasound in Thyroid Gland Disease
June 03-2020

Thyroid is one of the important endocrine glands that regulates many body mechanisms. Thyroid diseases range from hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, and thyroid tumors. Ultrasound is the first imaging modality of choice, which is sensitive to identify morphological, hemodynamic and stiffness characteristics changes as early as possible for better prognosis.



Thyroid Examination


VINNO has superior superficial imaging performance, thanks to its ‘fit-any need’ probes (up to 12 Mhz, 18Mhz, 50mm aperture etc.,) with state of the art technologies in 2D (VFusion, VSpeckle – speckle reduction imaging), Color Flow (CF, PDI, VFlow – high definition flow), and advanced technologies like Elastography and Contrast Bubble Imaging to assess stiffness and micro-vasculature for cancer diagnosis. VINNO Ultrasound has tablet, hand carried systems for physician office as well as stand-alone Ultrasound systems.  


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Visit a patient at home for Thyroid Examination 


Radio Frequency Ablation of Thyroid Nodules


  Thyroid Microcarcinoma in Diagnosis and Treatment


VINNO’s innovative RF platform improves the display of minute details, image contrast and boundary sharpness. It brings amazing superficial imaging performance for lesions as small as 1cm and blood vessels as thin as 1mm.

VINNO ultrasound found calcification of thyroid nodules


VINNO ultrasound found Thyroiditis 


VINNO ultrasound clearly shows the blood flow of thyroid nodules


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