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April 03-2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is spreading worldwide, and China has fully demonstrated the image of a responsible country while working together with other countries in the global anti-epidemic battle. As one national innovative medical device company, VINNO is also participating in the tough battle against the epidemic with all its strength.


Speed up in the anti-epidemic relay race


We managed to send out materials to Italy within 24 hours last week, but the anti-epidemic relay race is far from ending. With the growing outbreak of the epidemic, we have received more urgent orders from many other countries.





The ultrasound is playing an increasingly important role in clinical practices. Ultrasound plays an irreplaceable role in the diagnosis of acute pneumonia, its combined use with ECMO, treatment, and efficacy evaluation; and in the treatment of critically ill patients, ultrasound is also considered as an effective interventional therapy.



Time is urgent, and the epidemic itself comes as the military order. Upon receiving the orders, the company quickly sets up a shipping team, and staff from departments of production, procurement, and clinic worked overtime in full cooperation. At present, orderly shipments have been arranged for all orders. In the past month, Ultrasound devices produced by Vinno have been sent to more than 30 countries around the world including Germany, Italy, Bangladesh, Argentina, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Peru, India, Algeria, Paraguay, and Morocco, with a large number of devices been installed and played their roles in the local “anti-epidemic” battles.


Power gained from “thanks”

In the past two days, we have successively received photos from Italian friends, in which they wore masks and lifted up A4 paper printed with the VINNO logo and letters of “XIEXIE”, “THANKS” , and “GRAZIE” (Italian: Thanks).




In fact, as early as the epidemic began to spread in Europe, we, in addition to providing ultrasound devices at a rapid speed, have also done our best to provide some masks for our friends to help them overcome difficulties. Although a mask is light, we gained great power from the sincere “thanks” said by our friends.

Long distance separates no bosom friends. Solidarity and mutual assistance are of crucial importance to defeat the COVID-19 outbreak. Guided by the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind, we are willing to work hard and make our own contributions to the global fight against the epidemic.


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