Specialists From 17 Countries Gathered Together at Istanbul to Discuss the New Future of Ultrasound
July 18-2019

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If the world were a country, then its capital would certainly be Istanbul.” Listen to the sound of ocean waves and count the stars in the night sky at an ancient imperial capital that is encircled by three seas and spans Europe and Asia amid the undulating lights and shadows of a blue mosque.




The Landscape of Istanbul


Recently, nearly one hundred of Vinno’s cooperation partners as well as ultrasound specialists from the Middle East and Europe gathered together at Istanbul to conduct an innovative exchange on cutting edge ultrasound technology, jointly exploring the future development of medical imaging.



International Specialists Gathered Together


The gathering was kicked off by a splendid speech by Vinno’s CEO, Mr. Xishui. Over the past nine years, committed to researching cutting edge imaging technology, Vinno has taken root in its native country and spreaded around the world, enabling Chinese medical imaging equipment to rise abruptly in the world’s forests with core technology that has been independently researched and developed.   


What Vinno’s CEO, Mr. Xishui, Shared at the Gathering


Mr. Xishui said: “We will stay the course with our open innovative strategic decision making mechanism to promote the synergistic cooperation of industry, university, research, and medicine, jointly shaping a medical innovation ecology. We are currently accelerating the development of an AI platform to comprehensively improve AI scientific research and transformation standards, increase AI scientific research production, and facilitate the sustainable development of medicine with artificial intelligence.”  


Mr. Xishui also revealed that Vinno’s super high end series ultrasound product series is currently vigorously being developed. The new products concentrate many innovative technologies together. In terms of multiple performance indexes, they even surpass international products of a similar category, comprehensively and systematically empowering clinical diagnoses and treatment.   


The Vinno M86 Debuts at the Gathering


In the wake of the increasing strength of the power of Chinese innovation, we have created new industry standards in multiple fields. As the creator of a national medical equipment brand, Vinno stands firm in providing services of a high quality and standard, serving clinical needs with world class medical imaging products.


Vinno’s new brand  high-end ultrasound device, the Vinno M86, became the focal point of this year’s International Specialist Exchange Symposium. The Vinno M86 integrates high end functions such as wave technology, HQ vivid, 4D Silhouette Mode, Stress Echo, strained myocardial tissue tracking, and automatic auxiliary detection of foci of infection, and can bring about an enormous improvement in the quality of ultrasound images of the heart, abdomen, gynecology, and microvessels.


Vinno’s Applied Specialists Conducted a Live Demonstration of the M86


Vinno’s international applied specialists introduced and demonstrated the new product to the guests at the gathering. The guests enthusiastically participated in the demonstration. Guests marveled at the fine pictures and sensitive blood flow display of the Vinno M86, as well as its elegant exterior design.



Guests at the Gathering Experienced the M86’s Innovative Functions


“After using Vinno’s products, they vastly surpassed my psychological expectations. High quality imaging as well as the integration of innovative functions changed the rigid impression I had of Chinese imaging equipment. Vinno has given us a brand new choice for improving medical service quality. We look forward to Vinno being able to create products that are more paradigm-shifting, and that bring along clinical applications that are more superb,” said one international client.


Chairman from the famous German medical university shared splendid academic presentations, and explored the applications of ultrasound in the fields of fetal spina bifida and breast cancer, and perspicaciously predicted the developmental trends of future ultrasound technology.   





This distinguished exchange gathering that highlighted the cutting edge and explored innovation in a condensed manner came to a successful conclusion. Vinno wrote a magnificent page with its cooperation partners at Istanbul. In the future, we will continue to move forward hand-in-hand, driving industry reform with technological innovation, creating social value with high quality service, and jointly shape a healthy new future for medicine.



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