CCTV Exclusive| Forging National Pride with a Spirit of Innovation
July 01-2019

In the wake of the 19th session of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China writing in “Healthy China Strategy” into its advertising, the country has increased the intensity of its support toward medical innovation, realizing the high speed growth of the medical equipment industry and the rapid improvement of the market share of domestically produced medical equipment. Recently, the CCTV Financial Channel’s “Economic Half an Hour” – “Frontline Survey of the Chinese Economy: New Equipment, New Medicine, New Health” special covered Vinno Ultrasound’s history of innovation development, exhibiting the cutting edge dynamics of the history of the innovation of Chinese medical equipment.  



The Rate of the Acceleration of Innovation

Putting the research and development of products into motion via an industry-university-research cooperation model, utilizing cutting edge technology in ever more medical institutions, and comprehensively improving diagnostic and treatment efficacy is the direction that Vinno has always exerted its efforts toward. The Ultrasound Diagnostic and Treatment All-in-One Device jointly researched and developed by Vinno and Professor Liu Zheng of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Army Medical University (Xinqiao Hospital) can precisely deliver medicine to the location of the pathology and release the medicine, thereby realizing targeted therapy.     


Professor Liu Zheng

Director of the Ultrasound Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Army Medical University (Xinqiao Hospital)


“Vinno innovatively released an all-in-one ultrasound diagnostic and treatment all-in-one device with low cavitation treatment side effects and a high level of safety. It has already achieved a first class level internationally.”


Vinno’s RF Metadata Platform


Continuing investment toward innovation R&D is a crucial factor in improving the competitive strength of domestically made medical equipment, while maintaining high speed innovation is also Vinno’s most valuable competitive strength.


Vinno’s R&D Director, Mr. Gao Wenyou


To realize high quality imaging, and assist physicians in conducting accurate diagnoses and treatments, Vinno’s RF Metadata Platform can realize the mass data processing of 0.8GB of high speed transmission broadband per second, equivalent to ten times the speed of 5G information transmission.   


Vinno Project Manager, Mr. Guo Jianjun


The performance of the second generation platform is even more advanced. The broadband transmission is 150 times faster than that of the previous generation; the image display speed is also nearly over 100 times faster.


Accelerating the Rate of Domestic Production

Vinno fully assists the realization of the Healthy China Strategy via complete and innovative medical solutions, enabling ever more ordinary people to enjoy the benefits brought about by the development of medical technology. Currently, Vinno Ultrasound has installed devices in over 200 domestic third grade class A hospitals. An increasing number of industry specialists have borne witness to the rapid development of this domestically made brand.


Professor Tang Jie

Renowned Director of the Ultrasound Diagnostic Department of the Number One Medical Center of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army



“The first time I saw Vinno Ultrasound I felt incredibly taken aback by its high quality imaging. When a domestic product and an imported product are of the same level of quality, we have no reason not to use our own product.”



Deng Xuedong, Chief Physician

Director of the Ultrasound Department Center of the Suzhou Municipal Hospital


“As a Chinese person, from a place deep inside our hearts, we are incredibly fond of our own products and of using our own nation’s product. A sense of pride arises spontaneously.”  


Joint Founder of Vinno, Ms. Tian Yuan


To better satisfy the real life needs of medical workers and patients in remote locations, Vinno developed portable ultrasound that has penetrated deep into various parts of the country. Vinno’s unceasing explorations when it comes to product form enabled its hand held ultrasound, which was researched and developed with great concentration, to be nominated as a an important project of the National “Thirteenth Five Year Plan”. Vinno highly integrates many cutting edge technologies, has brought smart medical ultrasound applications to fruition, and placed ultrasound into a pocket and brought it into innumerable households. The future is worth looking forward to.


The Rate of Acceleration of Development


Nine years of honing skills to seize the opportune moment. Nowadays Vinno’s products have already been sold in over 80 countries and regions around the world. Vinno’s sales domain is further expanding and extending.  


Vinno CEO, Mr. Xi Shui


Behind the achievements of these proud people, Vinno CEO Mr. Xi Shui stated: Vinno’s rapid development cannot be separated from the great support and assistance of the Suzhou Industrial Park District’s relevant government departments. In the early stages of entering the market, the Industrial Park government earnestly listened to our problems, and enthusiastically organized our hospital docking and assisted Vinno in opening up new markets.


The Technology and Information Bureau of the Suzhou Industrial Park District Management Committee,

Vice Bureau Director Xiao Shitao


According to an introduction by Vice Bureau Director Xiao Shitao of the Technology and Information Bureau of the Suzhou Industrial Park District Management Committee: In 1994, the total production value of our industrial park district was merely around 1 billion RMB. In 2018 it reached over 257 billion RMB, over 200 times more. The flourishing development of innovative medical corporations has also infused a fresh vitality into the economy.  


Vinno’s VCloud Remote Cloud Diagnostic System


In the future Vinno will continue to lead the directions of the winds in the industry with its innovative pose, enabling advanced ultrasound technology to benefit the masses. We have always progressed together with the Chinese medical equipment industry, and assisted the development of great health undertakings, forging national pride with a spirit of innovation!



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